Careful estate planning allows you to continue taking care of your loved ones even after your death by sparing them the pain and frustration of making difficult decisions about what will happen to you and your belongings once you are gone. While making burial arrangements and drawing up a will are obvious tasks, digital estate planning is often overlooked.

We live in a digital age where so much of our personal and business information is available online for security and convenience alike. What happens to my social network when I die? Who will close my Amazon or Paypal accounts? What will become of the information stored in my emails or on the cloud? These are questions that many people don’t consider when putting their affairs in order, but they are important ones. Most of us store a great deal of personal data online, from social media to family photographs, and having a plan to secure your digital legacy can be just as important as one to protect any of your other assets.

Inactive accounts or accounts of those known to be dead are often a target of hackers or identity thieves because they know that no one is likely to be monitoring their activity. Online shopping accounts from Amazon or eBay, music accounts like Pandora or iTunes, Paypal, and similar sites all contain financial information of some sort and are often linked to your credit card or bank account.

Online banking or bill pay can put your financial assets at risk if there is not plan for their security after your death. A lot of people keep account information for these services in their emails, which become vulnerable if no one is checking them and they become inactive.

In all of the confusion and pain of grieving over your death and following your last wishes, it may take some time before your loved ones become aware of any unusual activity indicating a hacker or identity thief has targeted your accounts and by then it may be too late to avoid a great deal of trouble.

With a service like eWishes, you can make your loved ones aware of your wishes for your social media accounts on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, or LinkedIn and give them the peace of mind that you have already made plans for them. It is a quick and easy process that could save everyone a great deal of grief in the future. With the enhanced SSL security and promise to not store any of your passwords, eWishes is the smart choice to ensure that your digital legacy is guarded for your loved ones after you pass on.