Have you heard that social media platforms have…?

A microphone feature that records your background conversations?

Ability to access your browser history, data and location (even pinpoint your exact locational address)?

Legal right to contain your online information for up to 90 days even AFTER you manually delete them?

Contemporary Issues With Social Media

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I’m sure a post like this looks very familiar to you.

And I’m also sure you’ve heard the many tragic stories to which women were stalked with the ‘Location’ feature and ended up raped and murdered on scene (e.g. the case of Cynthia Osokogu; model and entrepreneur) . On the contrary, the most recent advent of using Twitter history conversation as evidence in court for murder trials (e.g. the case of Skylar Neese; student and best friend), have led to many convictions and consequently assisted in solving the copious number of mysteries.

If you don’t believe me, see for yourself: A list of the CRAZIEST deaths caused by social media.

Twitter’s Privacy Policy

Twitter is one of the many social media platforms with this innate capability to essentially exploit their users. Although there are many laws ruling the ethical valuation and securement of data, users will always be kept on the edge because of the power of tools used by such platforms. What is more frightening is the lack of knowledge from the users about the constant monitoring that these platforms are performing. There are no distinct trait that warns users of their invasion of privacy.  Most platforms claim that their tools are only utilised for improving their SEO, or gather more traction on their website – nothing remotely harmful to their users.

But honestly, what defines ‘harmful’?

How do we know who gets harmed, 10 years down the track?

3 Social Media Risks

The possible turn of events will drastically change the user experience and silently breach the principles of morality and legality.   According to KPMG, the 3 main risks for social media are:

  1. Operational: these are motives that incorporate the poor ideals of identity theft and mismanagement of digital assets.
  2. Regulatory: these involve the issues of privacy and containment of data by the social media entity.
  3. Reputational: these entail the creation of a façade of an online user’s interface and their corrupt image after being hacked and judged for that. 

With so many risks, the best bet for digital legacy management would be to completely shut down one’s social media account after death. The many potential harm only perpetuate the reasoning behind the closure.

How To Close Twitter After Death

1.   When the time is appropriate, the only people who can become authorised to act on behalf of the user is a verified, immediate family member of the deceased.

2.   There are several documentations that MUST be provided for Twitter to proceed with the cancellation request:

  • Username of the user’s Twitter account
    • Can be either the @username OR
    • The e-mail address that was used for login
  • Copy of the user’s death certificate
  • Copy of ONE government-issued ID of the user, for example
    • Driver’s licence OR
    • Passport
  • A signed statement that enlists the following from the authorised personnel that desires to close the account of the deceased person’s behalf:
    • First and last name
    • E-mail address
    • Current contact information including telephone number AND address
    • Relationship with the user
    • Action requested: a brief statement as to what you want to see happen to the account e.g. close the Twitter account
    • Description of the details of the evidence provided
    • Link to an online or copy of obituary IF applicable

3.   Send all the documentation by mail to the address:

“Twitter, Inc” c/o: Trust and Safety

1355 Market Street, Suite 900

San Francisco, CA 94103

 You could follow this multitude of complex steps, or simply complete a straightforward online eClosure form to achieve your desired outcome in a 7 day turn-around guarantee. We guarantee immediate and impactful results, as we understand the sensitivity and importance of this issue to you.