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A will covers how you’d like the tangible assets that you own (money, house, car, etc.) distributed after you pass away, but in the current day, so much that we own is intangible. Your email account may hold more important confidential information than that locked drawer in your bedroom, and your Facebook account is likely to hold more family pictures than all your photo albums combined.

Though you can add these things to a regular will, only eClosure will take the steps to make them accessible to your family, without them going through the grief of applying to each service individually.

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How Does It Work?

Digital Estate Planning

While the phrases “estate planning” and “will writing” have been in the lexicon of the general public for decades, the idea of digital estate planning is still a very new concept. Facebook was founded more than 11 years ago and has now racked up more than 1 billion users worldwide. In 2012 it was estimated that as many as 30 million of those users have passed away. Millions of those have had memorialised pages set up or been closed down but thousands (if not millions) still remain active, causing grief with reminders and potentially creating a security risk through identity theft.

Those numbers are just for Facebook users. Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook and Yahoo! accounts (among others) pose an even bigger risk due to potentially containing login information to a multitude of other services.

Digital estate planning through eClosure Wishes allows you to request what happens to your digital information after you pass. Just like in a traditional will, you set out who should have access to your digital assets and what is to become of your profiles.

As well as protecting your data from identity theft, you save your loved ones the heartache of having to deal with potential issues surrounding your accounts. Our simple webform takes as little as five minutes to complete and leaves you safe in the knowledge that your wishes will be taken care of when you pass.

In the same way that you don’t have to have a will made before you pass, you don’t need to sign up to our service in advance in order to have your accounts closed. Those closest to you can take action and close each one of your accounts after your passing, but it’s one more thing they wish they never had to deal with. They can also use eClosure Online; it’s a service we provide to close your accounts on behalf of your friends and family, but they will need to provide us with the necessary information.

For more information, read our free guides on identity theft and digital estate planning.

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