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No more forms when it comes to the probate process!
Save up to 75% time on closing, transferring and acting on accounts during the Probate Process.

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Probate Assist will allow you access to eClosure Online & eClosure Money

An Australian designed and purpose-built software platform for managing probate matters from notification through to Supreme Court submission

Probate Assist Overview

Enjoy unlimited features

  • Create deceased person’s profile
  • Complete forms required to finalise the deceased estate
  • Upload supporting documentation
  • Print and email completed forms and documents to the respective institutions
  • Keep all the files and information on-line across multiple matters
  • Add any specific forms that you need to the library
  • Track the progress of estate finalisation
  • Access to eClosure Online and eClosure Money services

Price per User

  • Unlimited features
  • Live chat support
  • and many more…

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