How can eClosure services help families?

eClosure provides online services to assist in finding lost assets, closing or memorialising online accounts and generally tying up loose ends.
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Finding Lost Assets

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  • Search all major banks and financial institutions for money, shares and superannuation belonging to the deceased
  • Full Support from our Australian based consultants
  • Banks we search: Westpac, CBA, ANZ, NAB, St.George and other retail banks
  • Search for an existing PayPal account
  • Search all major share registries: Computershare, Link Market Services, etc.
  • Lost Superannuation Search (Australian Taxation Office)
  • Lost Money Search (Australian Securities and Investment Commission)
  • Money Back Guarantee


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Find Lost Assets
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  • Comprehensive search by eClosure expert consultants for online accounts of your family member
  • Full support by our Australia-based consultants
  • Close or memorialise social network accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+
  • Search for and close existing PayPal and Ebay accounts
  • Close email accounts hosted with Gmail, Microsoft Mail (,, and Yahoo
  • Identity theft protection
  • Money Back Guarantee
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Close & Memorialise Accounts

Protection Against Identity Theft

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Digital Estate Planning

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  • This service is completely FREE
  • Store what you want to happen to your online information when you pass away
  • Nominate Online Digital beneficiaries to fulfil your wishes
  • Receive a Wishes Document to include in your Will
  • Make it easy for your family to know how you would like to manage your online accounts
  • Protects against identity theft
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