Nearly 30 million Facebook accounts are registered to deceased people. When a loved one passes away, often the last thing on your mind is social media. Planning funeral services, sorting through the estate, honoring the deceased’s last wishes, and just taking the time to grieve can be an exhausting and overwhelming experience.

Getting on Facebook and finding a birthday reminder or a post on your loved one’s wall can be an additional source of distress. While most people draw up wills and make plans for the eventuality of their deaths, the question of what happens to my social network when I die may not be one that occurs to them. Without digital estate planning, it is left to their loved ones to find and close down various accounts across the Internet, from social media to email accounts.

Aside from the constant painful reminders on social media, social networks are vast sources of personal data. Pictures and videos stored on social media or on sites like Flickr or YouTube can be an invaluable digital legacy that could be lost if the account is shut down or considered inactive before these memories are downloaded or transferred somewhere safe.

Blog entries, files stored in the cloud, and personal emails can provide emotional comfort to grieving loved ones and also be a source of valuable information. Inactive accounts are often deleted and the hassle and confusion of trying to find them all and go through the steps of closing them down could take quite a bit of hassle.

The longer an account is inactive, the greater the chance that someone could hack your loved one’s account for personal information or to steal their identity. Since no one is actively checking these accounts, no one is likely to notice that there is something wrong, which makes them the perfect target for thieves. This could lead to the loss of anything from family photographs to the balance of a bank account before you even realize it is happening. These tribulations can be avoided or at least made much more expedient with a service like eClosure.

eClosure is a professional service that will take the burden of disabling your loved one’s social network off your shoulders. Each social media site has its own rules and requirements for closing or memorializing an account and eClosure will go through the steps on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, and LinkedIn for you to make the process as quick and painless as possible. With a 128-bit encrypted database and a SSL certificate, your information is guaranteed to be safe and secure. Once you have a death certificate, just fill out a simple form online and eClosure can expertly ensure that everything is taken care of according to your loved one’s wishes even after their death.