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Social Media v. Society

We are all playing the good old game of tug-o-war amongst ourselves. Do we: (A) Progress in society through the expansion of technology (B) Dump the technological advancements for our commute culture or (C) Make them co-exist? The question there is whether they can co-exist. Experts say there is a fine line between immersing ourselves into

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2015 Trending Social Media Platforms

For the past 2 decades, the Internet has reached nearly every corner of the world. This has enabled citizens, activists, companies, journalists and governments to have unprecedented access to information and resources. Several countries have even made the Internet a 'legal right'. As humans inherently possess a drive for self-actualisation, 'social networks' were developed to become

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2 Potential Futures Of Social Media

The fate of Social Media resides in 2 paths. One which envisions social media platforms to be an online forum for the dead where beloved family and friends can post loving messages. Alternatively, social media platforms may just cease to exist - swiped off the Internet's interface like it never existed. Experts use the neologism

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Cyber-Bullying After Death

"In loving memory of Karmah Jayne Hall…" "R.I.P. Karmah…" "Rest well, angel." These words flooded the newsfeed of my Facebook newsfeed. It seemed as if, at least momentarily, Facebook had turned into a sanction of an obituary. And strangely enough, that’s how I found out. Shockingly, after reading the ABC News, I have come to

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What Happens to My Social Network When I Die?

Careful estate planning allows you to continue taking care of your loved ones even after your death by sparing them the pain and frustration of making difficult decisions about what will happen to you and your belongings once you are gone. While making burial arrangements and drawing up a will are obvious tasks, digital estate

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Deactivating a Deceased Loved One’s Social Networking Accounts

Nearly 30 million Facebook accounts are registered to deceased people. When a loved one passes away, often the last thing on your mind is social media. Planning funeral services, sorting through the estate, honoring the deceased’s last wishes, and just taking the time to grieve can be an exhausting and overwhelming experience. Getting on Facebook