5 Ways A Funeral Home Can Help You

Scenario: You're in room full of people. They console you, as you walk grudgingly towards the front of the chapel. They brush your shoulders with gentle touches, frowning to say: "I'm sorry", "I feel your pain" and "I hope you're okay". Honestly, all you can hear right now is tinnitus, stinging back and forth in your ear drums.

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BEFORE Someone Dies – Some Preneed Thoughts

The Saturday before Christmas, a woman called me desperate for help. Her 86-year-old father had just died in the hospital. She and her mother were seeking a burial plot for him. He was Russian Orthodox, so cremation was out – he had to be buried. The daughter and wife wanted a resting place with trees

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Aquamation Flows Into A Cremation Trend

With the popularity of cremation increasingly growing over the years, the advancement in technology keeps changing the conventional method of turning a deceased’s body into ashes.  What would you say if I told you that a body can now be cremated with ….WATER? Interesting – right? It seems technology is not only changing the way

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8 Interesting Ways to Remember Your Loved One

It is often the most tragic time of your life. But it is inevitable. Death is inevitable. Family members and close friends may create memorials online photos and obituaries to pay their respects. However you must always bear in mind that there are many risks involved in keeping their online presence, such as forgery and

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