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How The Australian Government Is Dealing With ID Theft

Recent case of fraudsters using paycheck selfies to steal nearly $2 million #stealmyidentity highlights the recurring trend - migration of traditional street criminals to white collar fraud. According to the Australian Federal Police, identity fraud is the fastest-growing crime, costing Australians up to $4 billion a year. Sadly, thousands of Australians become a statistic, when

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8 Interesting Ways to Remember Your Loved One

It is often the most tragic time of your life. But it is inevitable. Death is inevitable. Family members and close friends may create memorials online photos and obituaries to pay their respects. However you must always bear in mind that there are many risks involved in keeping their online presence, such as forgery and

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Professions That Should Take Notice of the Emergence of Digital Estate Planning

Have you received advice on how to manage your assets after death? Chances are that, in one way or another, you have. In our highly specialized service-based economy, we receive advice on a multitude of topics impacting our deaths. Financial Advisors highlight the importance of various life insurance products. Solicitors advise us on the best

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3 Reasons You Should Close Your Friends & Family Online Accounts After Their Death

I know we have been exploring the importance of digital estate planning in my previous blog posts. I thought it was time to explore the 3 top reasons why I think we should close the online accounts of our deceased friends and relatives. 1. Identity theft Did you know that 25% of identities stolen belong

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What Happens to My Social Network When I Die?

Careful estate planning allows you to continue taking care of your loved ones even after your death by sparing them the pain and frustration of making difficult decisions about what will happen to you and your belongings once you are gone. While making burial arrangements and drawing up a will are obvious tasks, digital estate

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Deactivating a Deceased Loved One’s Social Networking Accounts

Nearly 30 million Facebook accounts are registered to deceased people. When a loved one passes away, often the last thing on your mind is social media. Planning funeral services, sorting through the estate, honoring the deceased’s last wishes, and just taking the time to grieve can be an exhausting and overwhelming experience. Getting on Facebook