It is often the most tragic time of your life. But it is inevitable. Death is inevitable.

Family members and close friends may create memorials online photos and obituaries to pay their respects. However you must always bear in mind that there are many risks involved in keeping their online presence, such as forgery and identity theft. In this digital age, there may even be a website broadcast of the memorial service for out-of-town friends and relatives to substitute their presence via the Internet. Surely you wouldn’t want unwelcomed hackers to barge into the ceremony. And so, last words will be murmured with silent (or not so silent) cries as your loved one’s cremations are lowered in the ground. Did that just symbolise an end to their life? Was that just all it was worth?

What if we told you that there are other, more memorable ways to pay respects to your loved one?

The traditional and conservative crematory rituals could be history. These uprising trends could replace the way you remember the type of enthusiast-style person who was once, the world to you. At the same time, remember that closing their digital assets, will enable you to orderly send your final goodbyes. Here are 8 interesting ways to remember your loved one.

‘Green’ enthusiasts:

The worldwide trend of turning ‘green’ has penetrated into the funerary industry. This is an all-natural service where there are designated open space parks that only allow biodegradable containers/urns, simple wood coffins or nothing at all(!) for the cremations. Just like any park, they don’t allow erecting headstone or memorial signs – it must be kept ‘all-natural’.

Tree enthusiasts:

Again, for those environmentally-friendly people, some plant, as simple as a tree, could be planted by family members to recognise their loved ones through acknowledge their concurrent existence as an object of nature.

Garden enthusiasts:

You could perhaps, hold memory of them through an object – perhaps more specifically as a bench in their favourite park? You may have already unknowingly walked by these benches, with etched names on gold plates in Central Park of New York. Strictly dedicated to your loved one, they will forever reside in the heart of a city they loved dearly.

Gem enthusiasts:

Now on the opposite side of the spectrum, you could turn your loved one into something unbreakable. Yes, it is what you may be thinking! Diamonds. From around $3,200 to $20,000 the cremations will be processed and transformed through specialised pressure, into a gem that can be kept forever.

Space enthusiasts:

Yes, it is possible to also launch their ashes into space through a commercial spaceflight! (Anything is possible)

Stars enthusiasts: 

The magnificent glow of the night sky, attributed to the stars in the galaxy can now be ‘bought’, by substituting the celestial names. The star can be under your possession to honour your loved one.

Ocean enthusiasts:

For environmentalists, ashes can be mixed with concrete reef balls to be placed in oceans, with the intent to regenerate coral reef growth.

Motorcycle enthusiasts:

Placing ashes in urns in a motorcycle engines, is often an opted version for motorcycle lovers. Just like couple funerary grave placements, it is also possible for couples, with the same bike-interest to have their cremations places side-by-side in the motor.

Grief usually clouds your judgement to plan for funerals, but just remember there are a multitude of quirky ways to ensure your loved one continues to hold a place in your heart. Whether they were conservative or eccentric and lovers of a prominent idea, as evidenced, there must be a method to go about fulfilling their ideal of resting in peace.

Finally, for those interested, visit our more recent blog post about the rising trend of water cremation.

Let them rest in peace without worrying their digital presence through: