I know we have been exploring the importance of digital estate planning in my previous blog posts. I thought it was time to explore the 3 top reasons why I think we should close the online accounts of our deceased friends and relatives.

1. Identity theft

identity theft

Did you know that 25% of identities stolen belong to deceased people? This is mainly because the accounts are hardly monitored and become easy targets for fraudsters. There are real monetary risks with not closing down a social network account.

2. The constant reminder of your family for everyone

man in the airport

The constant reminder is often emotionally taxing for family and friends. The constant reminder of a loved one who has passed can have a detrimental impact on your quality of life. Remember but do not obsess.

3. The collective problem of the tipping point


Let’s face it, the Internet is for the living. With the accumulation of accounts online, there will be a time when there will be more ‘dead’ people online, than people who are currently with us. This is a collective problem for online businesses and general public.